Automatic Information Digest for Drivers
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DriverAID is a solution for commuters who want to use their travel time as productively as possible without endangering other drivers by becoming distracted from the task of driving. The system summarizes given information and gives the user an "executive overview" using speech synthesis. Instead of engaging in dangerous activities such as reading a newspaper while driving, users simply select a file (uploaded from a handheld or stored on a CompactFlash card), and have it summarized and read to them as they drive.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, time spent traveling to work has increased 36 percent from 1983 to 1999. More time spent in the car means less productive time in a person's day. Many commuters resort to reading newspapers, eating breakfast, or putting on makeup while driving in order to attempt to make the commute somewhat productive. These activities are dangerous, as they require the driver to look away from the road while the vehicle is in motion, putting the safety of the driver and others at risk.
DriverAID is an Automatic Information Digest tool that reclaims previously unproductive commute time by capturing and summarizing information, and presenting it to the driver in an abridged format via a Text-To-Speech interface. The system can be used to review meeting notes, recap news articles, or even abridge novels. DriverAID provides busy commuters with useful information without distracting them from the task of driving.

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