Automatic Information Digest for Drivers
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The DriverAID system takes input in the form of a text file stored on a CompactFlash card or CD-R. The text file can be a simple collection of notes, a paper or news article, or an entire novel. In addition, the system can parse email messages saved in text format. Text files may be transferred to CompactFlash or CD-R from a laptop, handheld, etc., or beamed via infrared to the AutoPC from a Windows CE device.
DriverAID output is in the form of a TTS stream. The stream is either a summary of the file, if the Summary feature is used, or a specific sentence or paragraph if the Search feature is used.
The user interface for the application is very simple, in order to keep the driver's attention on the road. Commands are accessible via a menu, or via speech. The available commands are "Summary", "Search", "Full" and "Open". The Summary command summarizes the current file and presents the result via TTS to the driver. The Search command requires the user to enter a word or phrase to search on, then reads the relevant sentence or sentences to the driver, with the option of "Previous" or "Next" to find other sentences. The "Full" command reads the current file in its entirety instead of the digest. The "Open" command allows the user to select a file from CompactFlash or CD-R, or to receive a file via IR. An emulation version of the visual portion of the UI is illustrated below.
DriverAID's simple visual interface.

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