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What hardware is required to use the DriverAID system?
The current version of DriverAID is available only for the Clarion AutoPC. Emulation is possible with the following hardware and software:
  • Windows CE Platform SDK, Auto PC Edition 1.0
  • 200 megahertz (Mhz) Pentium class processor running Windows NT 4.0 or higher
  • PCI-compatible sound card with full duplex capability
    Can DriverAID be used for audio files as well as text files?
    The current version of DriverAID can be used with text files only. Future versions of the DriverAID system may include an additional input method of audio file if feasible. The same processing that is performed on the text input would then be available for the audio file, read from CompactFlash or CD-R, or possibly from the Radio or Audio CD. Implementation of this feature is dependent on the capabilities of the AutoPC in terms or processor power, storage space, and speech recognition capabilities.
    What development tools and APIs were used to implement the system?
    The DriverAID system is implemented in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 combined with the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ 6.0 and the Windows CE Platform SDK, Auto PC Edition 1.0. The AutoPC features several APIs that facilitate the speech interface portion of the application. Speech commands are implemented using a small application-specific grammar in conjunction with the AutoPC Speech API and Speech Recognition Engine. Text-to-Speech functionality is implemented via the Voice Text API and TTS Engine.
    What logic is used for summarization?
    The document summary logic is selection-based. The summary is created by selecting sentences from the original document based on word frequency and other criteria. The summary consists of a specific percentage of the original sentences, possibly with a maximum summary length based on system capabilities.
    How do I purchase DriverAID?
    DriverAID is currently in the final stages of beta testing, and is not yet available to the general public. The software will be available for purchase on our web site once it is released.
    Where can I find more details on transportation statistics mentioned on this site?
    The complete Transportation Statistics Annual Report 1999 is available from the U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics at
    Where can I find more details on the AutoPC platform?
    More information on the AutoPC platform can be found at the Microsoft Windows CE for Automotive site at

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